Free Discount Voucher Templates

Discount Vouchers are incentive/reward vouchers that are handed out to valuable customers upon their money spent on a particular product of a particular producer/manufacturer, all for the purpose of increasing the volume of purchases, providing added value to their products or strengthening brand loyalty.

These vouchers are custom-made services to suit customer’s budget. These vouchers are used as a promotional technique to enhance the business of any company. Most of the times different organizations tempt customers by offering such prize vouchers on their websites. They ask different questions about their product and upon giving all right answers they are awarded with these prize vouchers. These vouchers can be redeemed at any retailer store of that company or any other store mentioned on the voucher. The limit and other details are written on the voucher. This promotional technique is very useful and effective when company’s sales are declining. Also it can be useful where a company has newly entered in the market but such company will not ask questions about its products but take other category. People will be motivated to get this product from market and hence their sales volume will increase. Companies can easily adopt this procedure for the increment of their sales just by posting such contests on their websites, no need to fly brochures in each house for advertising. This will not only, encourage people to buy this product from market but also educating customers about every new product that company releases.

Free Discount Voucher Templates

These vouchers are gifted out by different banks, food chains, restaurants, hotels, fun lands, car manufacturers, service providers, credit cards, etc.

Where to Use Vouchers?

These kinds of vouchers are to be used at outlets authorized by the issuer for redemption. All information on how to redeem such vouchers is always written at the back of the voucher or you will receive a promo letter with it stating the complete detail of its use, along with the combinations you can make out for the maximum utilization of your prize voucher.


Like all other vouchers, these vouchers have the following requirements:

  1. It should be a valid voucher.
  2. It should be redeemed before its expiry date.
  3. You must carry the voucher with you in order to redeem its reward. Some issuers also provide the facility of redeeming your voucher over the phone, by providing some information that is provided on the voucher.
  4. Always redeem the voucher at designated places only. These places are mentioned on the voucher for the ease of the voucher holder.
  5. Always be sure, and take your time to tailor out a good combination of items you can redeem on your voucher to get the maximum satisfaction.



Prize vouchers have become a core marketing tool for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and service providers to increase their sale volume by retaining old and attracting new customers.

It is a way through which not only the seller is gaining, the buyer is also getting something other than the money spent, thus increasing his/her purchase satisfaction.